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27, Staikopoulou St.,

Nafplion 21100, Greece

Tel: +30 27520 21288

25, Sekeri St., Tolo, 21056,Greece

Tel:+30 27520 59818

67 Adrianou St.,Plaka

Athens 10528, Greece

Tel:+30 210 3222922


Languages spoken

english, greek, french

OliveTree Stores, Nafplion offer products made from olive wood and other natural products all crafted by hand. The business is a family run concern which started as one shop in the village of Tolo, close to Nafplion. It has since branched out with two other shops supplying natural products, the latest of which is the Plaka area of Athens.

We are a team of friends who love Greek Tradition. We use branches of this powerful and extremely beautiful tree, with respect and admiration. We create objects of use as well as decorations. We only use our hands and hand-driven machinery to make all of our products.

We can provide you with kitchen utensils such as: spatulas, spoons, salad bowls, pestle & mortar sets, wine holders and openers, chopping and cheese boards, honey sticks, olive forks, boxes, salad servers, serving trays and many more useful things.In the OliveTree Store you will also find unique pieces of decoration, such as:
Boats,clocks, copies of greek castles, chess boards, backgammons, picture frames, candles, crosses and much more.

We also create exclusive jewellery combining olive wood with other kinds of natural materials such as semi-precious stones and ceramics, each piece we create is unique.

Our olive oil soaps are family made, based on very old recipies and mixed with herbs and plants of the greek land. OliveTree Store’s natural cosmetics are made with pure olive oil and tested on all skin types.

Symbol of wisdom, peace, triumph, wealth and abundance, the olive is a most precious gift, offered from godess Athena to the city of Athens.

Olive trees have an almost titanic resistance, a vital force which renders them nearly immortal. Despite harsh winters and burning summers, despite being abused they continue to grow, proud and strong reaching towards the sky, bearing fruit that nourises and heals, inspires and amazes.

- Olympic winners were presented with a simple olive tree branch. The ancient Greeks believed (as do the modern) that the vitality and the positive energy of the sacred olive tree was transmitted to the recipient through the branch.

- Jesus spent his last night before crucifiction in an olive grove. The power and the aura of the olive trees helped him the concentrate, meditate and pray.

- Noah after the cataclysm sent a dove to bring to the ark a sign of life. The dove game back with a branch of an olive tree in his mouth. Noah knew from this that his family and the animals could survive famine and diseases.


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